Our sound of art –  Lascaux Cave

“Oh! A great piece of art … how would it sound?”

It is what I often think when I go to an art exhibition and see a piece that really caught my attention.

To begin with this series we have chosen make an art chronological line starting with “The Lascaux Cave”, one of the first artistic manifestations of man. It seems to me evocative the basic sense embodied by man in the first pieces of art, their daily life, their natural environment, their coexistence and survival of these first human settlements

Imagine sounds and capture actions from them it is what we do in this series “Our Sound of Art” since the pieces that we chose, beginning with this one (Lascaux Cave) don’t have movements of images, so we create stories from the audio  that you have a stronger connection with the chosen pieces.

We hope you enjoy, know, share, comment and tell us what you think of each piece of this series that we will be sharing with you weekly.

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