Creative Work

Leadership of sound in project
We accompany, explore and provide professional and creative support to your project, giving our sound concept from the script to the completion in the Audio Post Production.

Field Recording

We do Field Recording with the latest equipment and best professionals in the field for Commercials, Web Series, TV and Cinema.

Audio RX

We clean up and provide audio fix by improving the audio mix done on field recording. We also eliminate noise that interferes with dialogues intelligibility.

Sound Design

We record, experiment and recreate each frame of your projects with sound, taking care of fine sounds like the fall of a needle to the sound of the top of a mountain. We develop sound aesthetics for each project, providing them with strength and coherence according to the history that is being told.


Composition of musical pieces, specialised on the character and type of each project

Mix Stereo and Surround 5.1

We perform Sound Mixing, under the standards of quality Broadcasting, Streaming and Movie Rooms.

Audio for videogames

We use Unity and Wwise to mix sound for Videogames and VR projects (Virtual Reality)

Voice Over – ADR

We work with the best speakers of Colombia for Audio advertising or Dubbing.

You can find the most outstanding talent in voice over for advertising audio and ADR with us.
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