Audio is our passion and it transmits to all the works that we support. Our multimedia audio projection includes Cinema, Internet and TV projects, Animation, Interactive Digital, Advertising, and Videogames.
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Through audio not only stories are told, but are lived through the sound experience.
We like to accompany projects from the conception of sound character, including direct sound, musicalization, foley, sound design, voice-over, voice cleaning, 5.1 surround mix and audio for video games and applications.
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Voice Over IP
Field Recording
Audio Restoration
Sound Design
Music Composition
Mix Stereo – Surround 5.1
Spatial Audio
Voice Over – ADR


"Audio 4 Media has been a strong ally for us INNK - Visual Storytelling Agency. Their work is impecable. There's something spectacular about the way they give all the importance to the audio and give us more than we expect to hear in each project. It's real when they say that the sounds and music make more than the 80% on any Audiovisual Project."

Vicente Numpaque
Creative Hero
Audio Post Sound Design
"They has been punctual when delivering the work and open to make the changes when we needed them in terms of sound design for the videogame. He is an excellent person, always focused on making his work assertively and delivering it in the best way possible."
Juan Pedro Vallejo
Pivot Studios Director
Audio Post Sound Design
"The most important aspect of his work as sound engineer, is his dramatic view on things. He provides a whole audio ‘world’ to each project. I feel that he interprets not just my vision as director, but he also shares a world of possibilities with his sound design."
Alejandro Chaparro
Perros Romanticos Director / Producer
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